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AVX Implementations

Started by Zydor, May 13, 2013, 11:32:17 am

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Advice from the great and the good appreciated ....

Been away from Crunching for a year or so, and now back into it -  its the withdrawal symptoms .... they get you in the end .... Resistance is Futile rofl :)

One question re AVX (especially in connection with the Windows 1.2 Optimised App on this Site for the Milkyway Project). Is AVX now bound up inside {somewhere} or is it a case of downloading it and the support files as we all did on the AVX initial deployment. I have a 3960x Sandy Bridge, so want to make sure I take advantage of AVX if its on offer in any of the Apps here .... as it seems it is on offer for the Milkyway app looking at the application Notes here.

If AVX is still an additional separate download to the Project Directory and not point & shoot from the application exe file.... best place to get it all from is  .... ??



These apps are the exact same ones that MW offers, I just packaged them with the appropriate app_info to make it easier for people to run multiple WU's on each GPU.

As far as I know AVX should be used if your CPU supports it.

Jason G

general requirements for active AVX functionality are threefold:
- CPU that supports it (obviously)
- OS that supports it (Win7 SP1 or later, IIRC), and
- Application that has an AVX codepath (typically detecting OS & CPU AVX support, and dispatching accordingly)
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