Beta test of Lunatics installer v0.38 and included CUDA MB x38e

Started by arkayn, June 07, 2011, 09:54:57 am

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Please find the newest installer (32 and 64 bit versions)  in the Beta Download Area
readme available separately.
New in this installer - please test and report any issues at Lunatics

Automatic BOINC client and manager shutdown and restart.
ATI applications: AP r521, MB r177 [AP r453 (Brook) for older/smaller cards]
CUDA MB application: x38e_cuda32

Known issues - ATI apps
The MB application will not work on cards with workgroup size 128 (e.g.HD43xx).
To check this run CLinfo, downloadable (at present) from

Minimum required driver: Something that is OpenCL capable. You can check with GPU-Z (see readme). I was told it boils down to:
Catalyst 10.7b with SDK
Catalyst 10.10 APP without SDK
Catalyst 11.3 or higher - to be on the safe side.

NB using this installer will give you default cmdline parameter entries. Make a note of what numbers you are using to be able to restore to those values PRIOR to running the installer.

Known issues - x38e
Requires minimum CUDA 3.2 capable NVidia driver: 263.06 (260.99 on notebooks) - BOINC API has been fixed, newer drivers (270+) can be used.
VRAM requirement has increased from x32f. It should be able to JUST run on a 256 MiB card, provided you free up as much VRAM as possible.
CPU fallback is working again. IF you experience extremely long runtimes or -177 errors, check the stderr for a line reading:
setiathome_CUDA: CUDA runtime ERROR in device memory allocation (Step 1 of 3). Falling back to HOST CPU processing...
or something similar and correct your memory issues if found.
Newer (270+) drivers use more kernel RAM - you may run into memory problems, especially on 256 MiB cards or when multithreading on Fermis or with a lot of cards in one host.
NB with a 256 MiB card you may be forced to stay on 266 drivers until a newer app with reduced memory requirements is available.
Fermi card owners need to decrease the [count] entries in app_info.xml again, should they wish to multithread.
Task validation is geared toward V7 - you may experience more inconclusives/invalids.

Please check the included readme for information on how to finetune ATI application cmdline parameters.

Please read the included readme and report on any missing items or unclear passages.

Please report any issues. When reporting an issue with an application, please link the host concerned and if possible the task.
Always include Boinc version, Windows version and whether 32/64 bit.

NB This is a beta test - use installer at your own risk.

[Update 1] New installer versions with corrected app_info for Brook and MB r177 applications available for download. Only retry if you run any of those.

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