Speed comparison GTX560ti TOP, GTX680, GTX670 FTW

Started by Caprio, September 27, 2012, 03:39:48 am

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Interesting test results using KnaBench for single WU.

AK_v8b2_win_x64_SSSE3x.exe / PG0395_v7.wu :
Result cached, skipping execution
    320.922 secs Elapsed
    317.844 secs CPU time

Lunatics_x41g_win32_cuda32.exe / PG0395_v7.wu :

     50.188 secs Elapsed
     13.406 secs CPU time
Speedup     : 95.78%
Ratio       : 23.71x

     58.278 secs Elapsed
     20.875 secs CPU time
Speedup     : 93.43%
Ratio       : 15.23x

     63.703 secs Elapsed
     22.234 secs CPU time
Speedup     : 93.00%
Ratio       : 14.30x

Now for the GTX6xx series you might be able to run 3 WU in parallel compared to 2 on the 5xx but still this result might be interesting.

Jason G

See my comment in the other thread, as the concerns about using the x41g app, and considering intiial & ongoing running costs apply here too.
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